Decorative Laminates for Home Interiors & Residential Spaces

Decorative Laminates for Home Interiors & Residential Spaces


The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.
- David Hicks


What are decorative laminates?

Laminates do to furniture what tiling does to cemented floors. They add aesthetic appeal, texture, firmness and can elevate any piece of furniture or room, be it old or new. And the best part? It is easy to maintain, takes very little time and effort, and yet accomplishes much, giving your home decor that ‘perfect’ do-over.

Decorative laminate sheets are hard surfaces with around 1mm width and used to protect wooden furniture, or to revamp the interior decor of a place. When choosing the perfect decorative laminates for home interiors, avoid falling for the ‘trendy’ trap as trends go out of style more often than not. Instead, choose decorative laminates that are a return on your investment and have long-term functionality.

You’re going to be stuck with the designs you choose for the next decade or so, so it helps to choose right.


Why use decorative laminates?

Decorative laminates don’t just add that oomph and aesthetic appeal to your home, but have uses that precede mere appearance. Apart from being attractive, they are sturdy, affordable, versatile, and can transform your entire home with very little effort.

They’re easy to install, so if you’re looking to fasten your home refurbishing process, laminates are the best way to go.


Types of decorative laminates

Laminates are generally more affordable than hardwood, but with the variety of designs & styles available today, prices can get quite competitive. One thing’s for sure though: when it comes to finding the perfect laminates for residential spaces, there’s no dearth of options.


Based on usage -
Depending on the type of usage, you can opt for sturdy, waterproof, scratch-resistant laminates, and further choose from a wide range of surface-finishes like textures, patterns and solid colours. For kitchen counters, cabinets, study desks, or kids’ playrooms, it’s best to opt for scratch-resistant surfaces, and for kitchen surfaces and bathroom cabinets you can opt for antibacterial or antifungal laminates.


Based on surface-finish -
As laminates come with varied colours and design options and can blend into any design theme seamlessly, choose laminates that compliment the overall aesthetic of your home. The different types of surface-finish laminates are matte, glossy, textured, metallic-finish, solid colour laminates, as well as digital finish laminates.


Based on type & build -
Laminates based on built come under two broad categories - uni core laminates and non-core laminates. Unicore laminates have an attractive, shiny finish with the edges matching the surface laminate. It gives a clean and neat appearance to any piece of furniture - be it cupboards, sofas or work tables. Non-core laminates are more affordable and economical and come with a range of options.


Based on advanced properties -
Since the uses for laminates are so diverse, you can customise your laminate surfaces based on usage. From flame retardant to antibacterial, electrostatic, antifungal, magnetic, or chalkboard laminates, there’s no shortage of options with advanced smart laminates.


Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
- William Morris


Remodelling your home interiors? Look no further!

Laminates are quite innovative as surfacing materials, having been compressed with multiple layers of paper and overlay and under very high pressure. Every laminate usually comes with protective appliqué which can once again be customised to textured, solid or metallic finishes or a glossy finish.


Laminates are durable -
Laminates are built to withstand heat, scratches and the high grade laminates can even withstand rough and tough use. It is no wonder that laminates are a go-to when it comes to kitchen furnishing. One of the best things about using laminates for home interiors is that they look just as good as new long after installation. They’re perfectly durable, made to last, not easily damaged, antifungal, water resistant as well as crack and cigarette burn resistant. Opt for high quality laminates to avoid cracking and tearing up of the edges and rims.


They offer the best do-overs and revamps -
You can turn any ordinary furniture into premium furniture with the varied options of laminates available. Love colour? Go vibrant in a bold laminate shade. Enjoy rustic? Have your pick of warm earthy colours. Going for sophisticated? Find the perfect matte, glossy or textured finishes. Love it quirky? Pick and choose from a range of prints, textures and patterns.


They’re easy to maintain -
One of the reasons laminates have become a go-to option for interior decor is because they’re very easy to maintain; so easy that you can clean any surface with a basic detergent. High-quality laminate surfaces are designed to withstand dust accumulation, cleans easily, is anti-slip as well as anti-wear and tear. Due to their sturdy nature, laminates can stay on surfaces for many years and still look like they’ve been newly polished.

Choose the right kind of decorative laminates


Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.
- Albert Hadley


Since there’s no dearth of options when it comes to decorative laminates for home interiors, choosing the right kind of laminate can become quite the ordeal. If you’re unable to choose due to the varied options available, it helps to break it down based on type, use, design, as well as manufacturing quality, before settling on the ‘perfect’ laminate for your interiors.


Affordability -
Just the way laminates come in different types, colours and materials, they also have varied pricing. You can find low-grade laminates that work wonderfully, as well as high-grade laminates that do wonders to your home space. Laminates are flexible not just when it comes to the different options available, but the range of pricing too.


Aesthetics -
As we evolve, so do the places we live. That is why we indulge in the occasional home make-over, be it changing up the furniture or simply its placement in the room. It’s not just what you wear or read that’s a reflection of you, but your home too. A well-done home interior could mean that you have a strong sense of self, or that you’re a goal setter, or a dreamer. A quirky home could imply you’re a patron of the arts. A sophisticated home could imply that you’re a minimalist. There’s a laminate for every changing mood and season.


Reliable manufacturers -
Lastly but most importantly, finding the right laminate manufacturer goes a long way in getting a final product that is worth every rupee spent. Choose your laminate manufacturer wisely, in a way that is cost-effective, durable, and made to last. A good laminate manufacturer will give you an a-z download on laminates, their different types, quality, cost and not just-style.

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