Designing Your Own Home Workspace

Designing Your Own Home Workspace

Lockdown has left most of us with hectic work from home schedules and unforgiving workloads. Working from the office to work from home doesn’t always feel like a relief. And even though some of us may prefer one over the other, the lockdown has surely drawn attention to much-needed DIY home workspaces. Those who consider themselves design-challenged might even hire someone else to do their interior decor. Truth is, the lockdown has turned many of us into our own interior designers, and why shouldn’t it? Even with busy work schedules, it’s quite enjoyable to change it up every now and then.

And when it comes to interior decor, we all know that nothing spells change more than laminates. It’s like getting new skin when you want it, the way you want it and how you want it. Laminates have the power to change and awaken just about any surface with the varied options to choose from.


Designing your home office -


Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works


- Steve Jobs


Having organizational skills goes a long way, but for those who aren’t very good at organizing, there are plenty of home interior solutions to help you compartmentalize and collocate. At the end of the day, come what might, your work must get done on time, at the earliest, and with the least bit of distraction. And having a dedicated workspace will help you achieve just that - to sit down, reorganize and declutter before getting started.


But where do you begin? Doing up your own home work space can become quite an ordeal. Especially when it comes to choosing the design, theme, surface material, colour, and the overall look and feel of your home office.


Here we talk about laminates and why laminates are a great starting point to achieve the dream workspace you have always wanted.


Laminates -

While there are many things to consider, educating yourself about laminates is a perfect start. Laminates are quite widely popular and used as decorative materials or surface finishes. With the many options available today, laminates can bring to life in just about any room. They’re used decoratively on office furniture, wall coverings, ceilings, external facades, cabinets, kitchenettes and the likes.

Your private workspace should serve you, and not the other way round. Make lasting choices knowing full well the number of hours you’ll be spending at that desk or on that chair. Keep in mind the things you need to easily find around you, and work around that to create or purchase furniture that accommodates both functionality and elegance.


Speaking of elegance, there isn’t a better option than laminates. If you’ve got a theme in mind, there are endless types of laminates that you can choose from. If you wish to go simple and sophisticated, choose from a wide range of bold colours or lighter shades. To add extra oomph to that sophistication, go with laminates that have a matte finish or grainy texture, and are sturdy and made to last.


Choosing laminates for your home office -


Finding just the right laminate for your home office can be tricky if you’re starting from scratch. If you’ve already got a theme that spans across your home, then a home office can become an extension of that theme or an off-set contrast altogether.


To help you find that perfect laminate, we break your hunt for the perfect laminate into three broad categories -


 Theme first, laminate second

If you have an existing theme on which your home was designed and furnished, it’s best to stick to that theme and design your home office as an extension of that theme. With laminates, you can rest assured that you have options galore. There are so many colours, textures, patterns and types of laminates to choose from, that once a theme is in place, picking the right laminate for a spiffy new home office becomes a cakewalk.


Have no fear of perfection—you’ll never reach it.


- Salvador Dali


If you’ve used neutral colours throughout your house, you can stick to the monotone and go with a similar hue or texture, or break the monotone and opt for an earthy red. If your home interiors are bold, you can opt for bolder colours that are not too distracting, but rather, rest easy on the mind and the eyes. You can also add a dollop of quirk to your home interiors by opting for patterned laminate finishes that break the tone. Your options are many.


Functionality first, aesthetic second


This category exists for those who aren’t too particular about the look, but rather, the feel of the material. You want your laminates to look easy on the eye, but more importantly, be lasting. If you’re the kind who insists on functionality first and design second, we suggest opting for a sturdier grade of laminates that can withstand rough usage, and at the same time make a statement without meaning to.


Neutral colours are your safest bet as they have the ability to blend seamlessly into most themes of home decor. You can opt for wood-finish laminates or lighter shades of matte finish laminates, or go slightly bolder with metallic finish laminates. Keeping functionality in mind, there are varied antifungal, antibacterial, grease-resistant, scratch-resistant, flame-retardant as well as anti-wear and tear laminates. They’re designed to withstand the toughest use and don’t chip easy. Communicate your need to your manufacturer so they can assist you with finding laminates that are highly functional and long-lasting.


Aesthetic first, affordability second


This is one of the most fun yet daunting categories. Your options are plenty, so the struggle to choose gets real. For those with no particular theme in mind, but just the need and a budget will find that this is the perfect category to begin interior decor for a home office. Since you’re about the aesthetic, it’s best to keep the theme of your house in mind before settling on the perfect laminate for your home office.


Life is about using the whole box of crayons


- RuPaul

Based on the way you’ve modelled the rest of your house, you can choose styles that are sophisticated, loud, quirky, or simple and understated. The best part is that once you’ve settled on the type of laminate, you can find higher-grade laminates that will last you a long time. These days one can easily find laminates with prints and patterns on them, different types of wood finish, metallic laminates, as well as grainy or matte finish laminates. If you’re all about the aesthetic, work your way around the rest of your house once you’ve chosen your colour, theme, and the perfect laminate to compliment it.

When considering revamping your home office or workspace, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. For starters, having a dedicated home office is necessary for you to focus, get work done and make sure your bills are being paid. One of the reasons a home office becomes important is that it can help tune out the sound as the environment we work in can impact the outcome of our work. You might even have the needs of a family to consider while juggling work and crossing over multiple levels of multitasking. Either way, laminates are the perfect place to begin your home office revamp. You can work your way back until you’ve visualised and materialised the home office look you’ve always dreamed of.

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