Uses of Decorative Laminates in Commercial Spaces

Uses of Decorative Laminates in Commercial Spaces

What are decorative laminates

Decorative laminates work like magic when it comes to do-overs. They have the ability to give aesthetic personality to any regular space and with the least bit of fuss. They can give just about any business or commercial space an impressive make-over with the many options available in terms of design, thickness, finishing as well as type. They are one of the most commonly used elements in interior design for office spaces. From surfacing walls, doors, furniture, cabinets, facades, floors as well as ceilings, the applications of laminates are endless.

Why use decorative laminates?

Apart from the fact that you can literally camouflage your room to your liking by using the various options of laminates, there are several other reasons why people prefer using decorative laminates to give commercial spaces the right kind of overhaul - be it a premium or an ultra premium look.


For starters, laminates generally tend to be moisture and water resistant, so you can expect your furniture to last longer with that extra layer of protection. Be it winter, monsoons or summer, your furniture doesn’t change with changing seasons. To add to that, trusting the durability of laminates, they mostly come with warranty periods of up to 10 years.


Most laminates go through an AC (Abrasion criteria) rating system with commercial-grade laminates falling under ratings of AC3, AC4 and AC5 based on its resistance to stress. These laminates undergo multiple tests before they’re graded to ensure that they’re perfectly fit for long-term durable use in commercial spaces. Laminates that fail these tests aren’t certified for use.


Range of options:
One of the best and most exciting parts of designing commercial spaces is the flexibility of options when it comes to using decorative laminates. They have a wide range of designs, textures and patterns which can emulate anything from wood patterns to marble, and reflects the perfect kind of modern interiors at much lower costs.


For longer durability and quality, it’s always recommended to opt for HPL (High Pressure Laminate) sheets as they’re designed for rough and tough wear. They may cost slightly more than your average wood or melamine, but when it comes to functionality, performance, aesthetics and quality, HPL sheets are your best bet in terms of affordability and functionality.

Antibacterial and antifungal:
Laminates are not just used in office spaces, but are a go-to option in healthcare centres and hospitals due to the fact that it is long-lasting and goes through multiple stages of treatment before it is deemed antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. They are non-toxic and your safest bet.


Laminates are simply a hassle-free option and easy to maintain.

The different types of decorative laminates


You can be spoiled for choice because of the many options available under decorative laminates for commercial and office spaces. From material and surface-finish to patterns, you can find solid colour laminates to wood-finish laminates, floral designs, stripes, matte finish, metallic finish, marble finish, or even go for a bold leather finish.


Aside from the many design options, there are also HD gloss laminates, digital laminates and chalk and marker grade laminates among many more. Eco-friendly laminates are slowly becoming a go-to choice as well as they exude style and charm without being a burden on the natural ecosystem.


Uses of Decorative Laminates in Commercial Spaces


People usually spend up to 40 hrs a week in their office spaces, so it makes sense to put a lot of thought and effort into designing spaces that are employee-friendly, durable, and have a good aesthetic that turns these spaces into more favourable working environments. Comfort should take precedence over style, but it’s a matter of assurance that there’s no dearth of design options when it comes to picking laminates for your workspace.


So, when it comes to your business, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style, durability, affordability and functionality - and yes you can have them all.


An attractive work space can work greatly in your favour, and if you can find affordable, yet durable options, then why not? When done right, laminates can make smaller spaces look more spacious, blow away the cobwebs, and give commercial spaces just the revamp it needs which would in turn do wonders to businesses. From sleek designs to vibrant patterns and hues, you can go bold or play it down based on your preference.


Laminates will always remain among the most recommended in commercial furnishing simply because of its efficiency, aesthetic flexibility and strong safety and durability standards.


What decorative laminates can do to commercial spaces & when must you use it


Decorative laminates can be used on office desks, tables, lockers, cabinets as well as room partitions, and transform ordinary spaces to look a lot more stylish and yet highly functional. No matter your budget, you can find the right kind of surface furnishing to create the office or workspace you dreamed of because laminates can transform spaces with very little.


The best part while using laminates in your interior design is that you not only get to choose where they go, but the type of laminate, its colour, pattern, thickness, and more, as they’re completely customizable to your taste. Think stylish, think functional, think practicality & affordability, think decorative laminates. Your options for designing your dream office space within a budget are plenty.

How to use & choose the right kind of decorative laminates


Depending on usage -
Since the options for laminates are abundant, it’s best to choose designs that best suit your needs and style. Commercial grade laminates are anywhere between a medium to a high AC rating and can be of HPL or LPL (high or low pressure laminates) grades. If the usage is rough, it’s best to use laminates of a higher grade so as to withstand that kind of usage. AC3, AC4 and AC5 grades are meant for rough and tough use, have a higher resistance to stress and designed to withstand it.


Since laminates come with different thickness, you can also customise your surfaces based on usage and opt for a thicker laminate or a thinner one. There are many options like antibacterial, fire retardant, as well as scratch and impact resistant laminate sheets for use in commercial settings.


Depending on style -
Laminates are flexible in the way they can be customised to turn a simple office to a super premium office or downsize a premium office to keep it solely functional. While doing interior design for commercial spaces, there are many colours of laminates you can choose from plywood, texture, prints, stripes, various other patterns & hues, and incorporate them into your design.


Matte finish laminates add an exquisite charm and personality to any workspace, textured laminates can give you just the right quirk with its multiple options, then there are laminates that emulate your favourite type of material, laminates with glossy finish to give you a crystal clear sheen extravagance, as well as ultra modern metallic finish laminates in different metallic shades. Acrylic laminates provide easier maintenance and can withstand any weather condition without losing its colour or sharpness.


PVC finish laminates are predominantly moisture-resistant and designed to treat surfaces that have more chances of coming in contact with moisture. Though they have a plastic feel to them, they’re water resistant and made for rough and tough usage, and designed to last.


Melamine faced MDF chipboards are another great option as they come with fancy resin-impregnated papers and are highly suitable for premium, high-end furniture. Their designs, thickness and finishes are customisable leaving you with endless possibilities.


Today, with the umpteen number of options available, Asian Prelam Laminates stand out in terms of quality, design, colours, textures and range of options. With nature being at the forefront of our design-thinking, we carefully select premium raw materials combined with very distinct artistic textures to give your interior decor the right kind of revamp.


If you’re ever looking to give your workplace or commercial setting a do-over, choose from our range of premium laminates that are designed to last, make a bold yet beautiful statement, and fully customisable to fit your design needs.

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