Home Decorating Ideas for 2021

Home Decorating Ideas for 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we approach things. We have learnt to adjust to a lifestyle with restrictions. But having said that, we have now become more aware and vocal of our needs and wants; and are doing everything possible to match this new lifestyle. Being at home has encouraged most of us to work within the restricted perimeter and be more creative in making our space more suitable for us. People are finding ways to reimagine their homes, to incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multifunctional spaces. We have transformed our haven into our office space, a part of our house is now a school for our children, and it is also a place to entertain friends for a socially distanced get-together and where we can unwind. Creating a backdrop for our professional zoom call meetings or giving your balcony a picture-perfect makeover, home decoration has now become a part of our lifestyle. People are finding ways to reimagine their homes, to incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multifunctional spaces.

With all this in mind, we have brought together ideas for home décor and how it can help you create a versatile, livable, and aesthetically pleasing space. For example, Grandmillenial décor is here to stay. Though a borderline anti-trend, we love all about how this style is creeping in and making its mark in 2021. We are talking resurgence of chintz fabric and wicker furniture, old chest drawers and rolled armchairs, amplifying cottagey and making it chic. Think of all floral or patterned wallpapers, vintage embroidered looks, antique accents and crocheted or cross knit throws. It is time for all things whimsical.  As the colour scheme for 2021 leans towards warm and comfortable tones, cozy corners are now taking over the whole living room. We are refurbishing hand me downs to create statement pieces for our homes. You can also take pieces that hold nostalgic value and team it with modern pieces to create a contemporary mood. We see lacey frills, doilies, tassels, ruffles and pleats all making headway in interior design.  

Looking at all the trends of 2021, one of them that caught our eye opened up many amazing possibilities that one can try while decorating or redecorating. That trend is to incorporate high-quality wooden panels to dress up your home or office space for a fresh and new look. Using fabric over it or making signature pieces with textures. Here are some home decorating ideas that we absolutely love for 2021.

Light coloured wood
The use of light colour wood can give your space an airy and clean look. A nude or pale wood can be used in a gamut of colours and textures that can brighten up your home or office. It is ideally a great option to create a neutral backdrop for your statement pieces to stand out. It is so versatile that it fits seamlessly into any style or setting to create an open and inviting space.

We don’t think wainscoting has ever gone out of style. Used mainly as a decorative accent nowadays, they offer a degree of practicality, protecting your walls from scratches and scuffs. Some of the most popular styles in wainscoting include the raised panel, the flat panel, the beadboard, the overlay, and the board and batten design. They give a lovely rustic feel to the interiors. Wainscoting can be customized according to your preference. It can be cut short or long, you can change the orientation to vertical or horizontal, and you can frame it with or without a railing. They can even be painted over to add sophistication or to create a monochromatic colour scheme.

Plywood accents
Add elegance and sophistication with plywood accents and elevate the look of your space by creatively using the ever so versatile plywood. A dark shade shiplap is a great way to incorporate classic and contemporary styles in your bedroom. You will also love a pop of colour or add definition to your living room with a wall separator or a partition wall. It can also be as simple as shelves. It can truly brighten up and add character to a wall when designed tastefully with the right combination of colour and texture.

Laminates and engineered wood Flooring
It’s not that hardwood floors have taken a backseat, but engineered wood have now gained popularity. As the technology improves, the variety and the quality available have become better than ever. The types of colours, finishes and materials have evolved with time, making it a sort after option for home décor. Durability, resistance to water, uniformity in the manufactured batches are some of the characteristics that have proved them best for interior decoration.

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