Matte or Glossy: Explore and choose the perfect finish!

Matte or Glossy: Explore and choose the perfect finish!

We are halfway through 2021; many of us have gotten accustomed to working from home, and some have even started going back to work. The lockdown has taught us to work with limited means and explore avenues of creating the best with what we can. We are also at a perfect time to mend, restructure, redecorate and renovate. Be it office or home, designing an efficiently comfortable yet creatively brilliant space has become an utmost priority.


Furnishing nowadays has evolved to help designers break free from boundaries and speak their minds about bringing ideas to life. With the various possibilities and options available at one perusal, the first step towards getting closer to the vision is to choose the perfect finish. So what would it be? Matte or Glossy?


The main difference between matte and glossy finish is the sheen; matte surfaces do not have a sheen, whereas glossy surfaces have a very high sheen. A glossy finish has an ultra-smooth, shiny appearance, whereas matte gives off a duller, more subtle finish. It is not to be mistaken for a less appealing option as matte finish surfaces are still trending, adding a hint of drama and style.


While we can’t truly say that one is better than the other, there are still pros and cons to each. Here’s an overview:



Matte Finish



  • The main advantage of a matte finish is that it absorbs light than reflecting it, making it look consistent overall.
  • As it does not reflect light, fingerprints, scratches and smudges are concealed, making it less visible.
  • The matte finish brings in a level of sophistication look-wise and helps to go for a chic and luxurious look.
  • The finish is smooth to touch, creating a soft feel for a subtle appearance.
  • A matte finish is also a great option to create textures in the final look of a kitchen or office space.



  • Matte surfaces do not help in creating an illusion of a larger space as it absorbs light; it tends to make space look smaller. It is not suited for small kitchens or office space.
  • The fingerprints, scratches and smudges may look concealed, but it doesn’t prevent it. It may be difficult to clean matte surfaces, and it may even absorb the stain.
  • Cleaning matte surfaces pose an extra scare as it may affect the texture of the surface.




Glossy Finish



  • Glossy or surfaces with high sheen make the kitchen or office spaces look sleek. It adds to the modern and contemporary look.
  • As it reflects light, it is suitable for flat cabinet fronts. It helps to make the space look bigger and open, creating a light and inviting space.
  • It is the best choice for a small kitchen or office space.
  • A glossy cabinet adds to the aesthetics as it makes space look more glamorous.
  • Glossy surfaces are easy to clean. All you have do is use a scratch-proof microfiber cloth proving it to be a winning choice among homeowners and designers.



  • Glossy surfaces or high sheen finishes reflect light making fingerprints, dirt and smudges more noticeable.
  • The reflection of light also makes the colour of the surface look inconsistent.
  • A darker colour in gloss finish makes a scratch or an imperfection look more prominent than lighter colours.
  • Extra care is needed while handling the surfaces as they are more susceptible to scratches. And it also requires constant cleaning.



As a matter of fact, a mix of matte and glossy surfaces used in the right balance helps you create a space that exudes sophistication. Even with the pros and cons, they both work out well to make your home or office space look chic and stunning by creating a distinctive and custom experience. Micha Commeren once said, “The function of design is letting design function”. It is successfully creating spaces by bringing together practicality with the functionality of the concomitant benefits with both finishes.


With medium density fiberboard and high density fiberboard both available with different surfaces and finishes, there are many options available in the market to make an informed and sound decision. The Acryl Glass panels are available as surfaced MDF, HDF and plywood. The possibilities to create a beautiful space for all your needs are endless.

Here’s what you can keep in mind while choosing panels for your home or office:

  • Ensure that the surface is scratch-resistant.
  • Matte surfaces with anti-fingerprint technology always work.
  • Consistency in colour with batches; always choose a brand that provides uniformity.
  • The surface should not leave any mark when exposed to steam or high temperatures.
  • A food-grade certified panel creates a safe and healthy environment for your family.
  • Using panels made with resin that are environmentally friendly always helps.



Here are some tips to maintain and clean the cabinets and surfaces for better performance and durability; so that it leaves your kitchen or office space looking spotless and as good as new. The best cleaning agents with the right cleaning technique have always helped take care of hard surfaces; these tips are all you need in your arsenal to conquer anything that comes your way.

  • Diluted mild dishwashing liquid works best for glossy surfaces; for splotches of sauces and thick liquid, add vinegar to dishwashing liquid solution.
  • Once cleaned, the glossy surface should be wiped over with a damp cloth and finally dried with a soft microfiber cloth or soft terry-towelling cloth.
  • You can also use household grease cleaning agents/sprays with water, >5% anionic surfactants and soap for easy and fast cleaning.
  • A solution made with water and vinegar (50-50 ratio) can be used for matte surfaces; always working in a circular motion or making the figure 8 while cleaning also helps. 


It all boils down to your personal preference, choosing the right finish, mapping out your needs and making an informed decision having looked at the pros and cons. It’s not only choosing what’s best for you but also keeping in mind what’s practically right for you and, most importantly, having a fun experience. Happy designing!

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