What is HDF HMR?

What is HDF HMR?

HDF HMR stands for High-Density Fibreboard High Moisture Resistance. It is a higher density version of regular fibreboard. High density is achieved by combining hardwood particle board along with a special glue pressing technique. When these hardwood particles are pressed through the glue, they develop a water resistance layer. This feature contributes to why these boards will soon take over the use of plywood in kitchen furniture.
It is a better choice when compared to plywood for certain applications. It has been developed for tough and robust usage of wood. 
The pressing technique used for HDF HMR removes small unusable particles, making them termite-free.

HDFHMR is an environmentally friendly alternative to real wood as it is made by combing wood fibre chips and forest wood waste and glue to create this very highly durable product. 
Its moisture-resistant properties make them the perfect choice for applications for places like kitchen shutters and other high use furniture areas.
 HDF HMR is developed to have a multi-dimensional bond through a single layer of glue architecture. Its screw strength is almost ten times more than conventional plywood. It can be laminated, lacquered, painted, veneered or coated with PVC.
The development process of HDF HMR uses wood fibre or chips that are generally taken from plantation trees and agricultural or forest wood waste. It uses 95% of the tree, making it a very eco-friendly product. 
 Advantages of HDF HMR 
1. Compactness and solidity (density is approximately 850 Kg/m3).
2. Consistency and seamlessness (pre-lamination on HDF HMR results in a very impressive finish). It also doesn’t have a noticeable grain, making it very useful for projects that need a painted finish.
3. Durability and high moisture resistance (single layer, no layer separation).
4. No warpage or cracking. One of the most significant advantages of using HDF HMR is no expansion or contraction like solid wood. 
5. Versatility in shape and size is needed in a CNC machine to cut, route and modify it into the desired shape or size. This is especially useful if the project demands no joints, like large area doors or room division panels.

Applications for HDF HMR:
1. Bathroom vanities
2. Kitchen storage shelves
3. High-use furniture (at offices, hotels, theatres etc.)
4. Doors
5. Wall Panels

HDF HMR is considered one step above MDF and plywood since it is the hardest of the three and offers moisture resistance.

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