What to Expect in 2022? 

What to Expect in 2022? 

What to expect in 2022 from The Interior Design, Architecture and Modular Furniture Industry 

A few key design elements took up a considerable slice of the cake. One of the major ones was creating work from home setup and study areas so kids can work in environments conducive to their education. Work/study from home was at the heart of all trends in 2019-2021, and everything revolved around this very pivot and, in some ways, continues to do so today. The question, however, persists - how do we adapt to these changing times, and how do we create adaptable spaces that will remain flexible in the foreseeable future as well? 


Design trends of 2021 - 


Warm, easy-on-the-eye colours and textures:

One of the prominent design trends we saw in home spaces - be it the kitchen, living room, or study room - was warm tones that were light and easy on the eyes. Since 2021 kept most of us indoors, it made sense to opt for warm and lighter tones that exuded a calm, homely feeling. Too many colours and colour blocks would have been heavy when all we wanted for 2021 was a feeling of centeredness and calm amidst all the uncertainty. Warm and easy tones were an insight that boded well among house owners and designers who paid attention to the nuances and the need of the hour.  


Patterns that broke the monotone 

Even though lighter hues seemed like the go-to for 2021, it meant being, looking and feeling like space had become too monotonous for a lot of people. To break from the monotone, interior designers and house owners used different shades of lighter hues to give it a break from the monotones of single shades. Grays were juxtaposed with softer pastel palettes, and whites were also mixed with off-white hues of peach, light blue, green and pink. Apart from breaking the monotone with different hues, patterns were a design trend that gained momentum. Mixing and matching single-toned shades with soft stripes or curves created the illusion of space and exuded a much-needed calm.  


The illusion of space  

For many people who lived in relatively smaller spaces, creating a work from home setup meant having to create the illusion of space with each design intervention. For many people, that instantly meant making use of more whites and breaking and dividing furniture shades into two tones of the same family. Lighting was suggestively dimmer and was used strategically to create that perfect illusion of more space. Whites and monotones were used on walls, while the monotones were broken with patterned laminates on furniture. Alternatively, if monotones were used as laminates on furniture, one could play around with wall colours to break the monotony. Geometry and mellow colour blocks were also used to give the illusion of spaces being larger than they are. 


What's in store this 2022

Come 2022, a lot of changes might be visible in the spaces of interior design, architecture and the modular furniture industry. Unlike the two years before us, 2022 throws open newer avenues for design and design thinking. Owing to vaccinations and mass vaccinations, many companies have been feeling a lot more confident in terms of letting employees return to the work from office setup and are creating environments that would be conducive to their return. Offices are being remodelled and are following strict social distancing guidelines. That automatically necessitates a certain kind of design thinking that would ensure people still feel a sense of community and togetherness and teams can once again work in tandem as was the case before covid. In light of that, these are some of the design trends we can see come 2022 - 


Loud and back with a bang 

In stark contrast to the design trends of 2019 and 2021, loud and bolder colours, designs, patterns, hues and textures are going to make a comeback and how! Most of us have been indoors for longer than we imagined, and 2022 will return as our ray of sunshine amidst the blues. And speaking of sunshine, it's a go big or goes home vibe that most of us are looking to embrace in 2022. Loud colours will make a comeback, bold patterns and sharp edges will become statement pieces on furniture, and textures will be what break the monotone. The Interior decor of 2022 will be like our spirits - up and ready, resilient, bold, loud and eye-catching. 


Geometry saves us 

After bidding the stress of 2019 and 2021 goodbye, geometrical shapes, patterns and sizes will come as a welcome relief. As we say goodbye to the mellows of 2021, geometry could play alongside bright and vibrant shades, adding some zest to regular spaces. In 2022, geometry will also shape virtual architecture as we move into more innovative times in terms of technology, VR and AI. Grids in design will make a brave comeback, and this time it will trump the checkered patterns that had become a thing in 2021. Many more design elements will pay homage to the timeless grid, creating a memorable design, playing with the illusion of space and a tribute to the boom in technology and innovation that we experienced during the lockdown. 


Green with envy

2022 will boast of an enviable green since it is the Pantone's colour of the year. Not just that, we're seeing an increase in eco-conscious, environment-friendly living, and green is a colour that stands for that and much more. Green carpets will make a comeback, lighter shades of green will be seen gracing the walls, and furniture could be a play on stark shades of green juxtaposed with mellow colours. As part of our efforts to reconnect with nature as we step out from the indoor-ridden life, emerald green could exude tranquillity and calm and rejuvenate any space. This 2022, be prepared to find a lot more greens in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, study, and office spaces. 


There's a lot more in store this 2022, and it will be an interesting year to see how much more design will go through a revamp, bringing life and soul back into every space. We, for one, are looking forward to a lot more green this year and are genuinely excited to return to the madness of design. Quirky colours, shapes and patterns will be our go-to, and our motto for 2022 will remain: go big or go home! 

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