Edge Bands

Our edge bands complement the entire decor range with matching design, colour and surface finish. A significant step towards ensuring you get the complete range without the hassle of sourcing from multiple suppliers. Our edge-bands are offered in the below-mentioned range:


(For the entire Shresht range)

It is ideal for machining, easy to bond and trim and is available with perfectly matched decor and colours.


(For All Shikhar’s Foil Surfaced Panels)

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) is a chlorine-free the Egger plastic edge that has a positive ecological balance. ABS Edging is made by extrusion or, for the finest thicknesses, using the calendaring process.


(For Shikhar’s Acryl Glass and Acrylic Surfaced Range)

PMMA is made of high quality plastic and is highly scratch and abrasion-resistant. The decor printed on the back of the transparent PMMA has an exceptional 3D finish.

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