Decorative Laminate Ideas for an Ultra Modern Kitchen

Decorative Laminate Ideas for an Ultra Modern Kitchen

Decorative Laminate Ideas for an Ultra Modern Kitchen


Through the years, right from the war-torn renaissance of the 50s till today, interior decor - especially modular kitchens - has been through quite a revolution.


When Gloria, the first ever modular kitchen in polyester lacquered wood was released by Snaidero, it was without a doubt a design that put them light years ahead as a premium kitchen manufacturer. Snaidero had revolutionised kitchen decor with their new range of modular kitchens, and the modular kitchen trend continues to this day.


Today, modular kitchens are found in almost every home. They are modern, sophisticated, and come in a range of styles, designs, finishes and colours. What gives modular kitchens that unique aesthetic, unlike natural wood or lacquer, is that they offer a wide range of options, from ceramics, and marble or stone tops to molded plastics and various decorative laminates. These materials, especially decorative laminates, are efficiently designed with distinct curves, smoothness, and sleek designs that can turn any traditional kitchen to an ultra modern sophisticated look.


Traditional kitchen designs, unlike modular kitchens, made use of natural raw materials for furnishing kitchen cabinets, drawers and countertops. Whereas, the modular kitchens of today swerve away from the norm, using synthetic materials like ceramics, laminates and processed plastics for aesthetic appeal and functionality. Though there are modular kitchen designs that still use natural materials, man-made materials like laminates are hands down your best bet.


Here, we foray into decorative laminate ideas for ultra modern kitchens that will continue to adapt with changing times. 


Acrylic finish -

Acrylic finish laminates are very similar to lacquer, are non-toxic and come with a smooth glossy finish. They come in a wide range of colours that you can choose from. Using acrylic finish laminates, you can mix up your kitchen design using multiple colours or even opt for a single theme throughout. These laminates are moisture resistant and not prone to fading. Due to such an attractive assortment of colours and high durability of the material, designing an ultra modern kitchen using acrylic finish laminates can be very exciting.


Textured finish - 

Textured laminates are a very popular choice when it comes to kitchens. They can emulate the look and feel of natural wood, stone, and other materials like suede and raw silk, and have a very distinct aesthete. These laminates are usually scratch-resistant and durable and makes for a great choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets.


(Pro tip: Make sure you choose the right kind of textured laminates for your kitchen as certain textured ones are hard to maintain due to collection of dirt and grime.)


Glossy finish - 

Glossy finish laminates are the ones with a polished surface that’s shiny and almost reflective. If you prefer kitchen designs that are spacious, airy and bright, opt for lighter shades of glossy finish laminates as they reflect light, making your kitchen appear brighter than it is. These laminates are best used in kitchen cabinets.


(Pro tip: Glossy laminates are not ideal for spaces with rough and tough use as they can be difficult to maintain, scratch easily, leave fingerprints and need to be cleaned every now and then to maintain its shine.)


Matte finish -

Matte finish laminates are a popular choice when it comes to kitchen cabinets and surfaces. The reason is that they’re easy to maintain, scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant and at the same time gives the kitchen a highly sophisticated appearance. Because they are so durable and come in a wide range of solid colours, wooden grain designs, digital prints and other styles, matte laminates are the perfect choice for heavy-duty kitchens.


(Pro tip: Matte surfaces have a tendency to absorb light rather than reflect it. So choosing dark colours in your kitchen might just make your kitchen appear smaller than it really is. Another thing to keep in mind is that matte surfaces can sometimes be just a tad difficult to clean as they’re not as smooth and glossy as the other laminate options; but, rest assured it is doable.)


PU or Lacquer finish -

PU or lacquer finish is a solvent-based finish that provides a high-sheen look ranging from moderately dull to high-gloss. This acrylic based clear coating paint is used in kitchen cabinets and doors, and is highly durable. WIth a wide range of colours to choose from, you can mix and match with two or more colours or stick to a single hue throughout. PU is sturdy, easy to clean and maintain and also weather-resistant. It’s made using up to 6 coatings of PU on thin sheets of matte laminates, and exudes a distinct charm, unlike any other laminate.


Membrane finish -  

Membrane is a laminate finish that is made using synthetic rolls or PVC. They are used as an exterior coating over MDF boards and chipboards, and made using flat paper or foil glued together. Because the process is slightly tedious, membrane finishes are slightly more expensive than laminates. They are easier to maintain when compared to laminates, and can be wiped using any mild soap. When it comes to membranes, it’s best to wipe it down softly rather than use scrubs that could leave scratches on the surface.


Modular kitchens today have moved away from the matchy designs of the 90s, with newer designs that range from monotones, di-tones and colour blocks along with a range of finishes. These super stylish kitchen designs explore diverse ergonomics while making sure that design and aesthete are in line with changing times.

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