Pantone shade for Fall/Autumn 2022-23 Nature inspired accents

Pantone shade for Fall/Autumn 2022-23 Nature inspired accents

Green as a colour is often associated with peace, harmony, life, and growth. It also tends to have a relaxing and calming effect. Hence you have a lot of doctors advising you to spend quality time in nature. Contradictory to its association with good things, it also conveys emotions like jealousy, envy or nauseousness. This perspective also depends on the shade of green one is talking about, and usually, these derivatives are a result of experiences or cultural influences. 

But having something green in the decor usually helps balance the monotony. It also sets a mood and portrays freshness. Interior decorators often advise indoor plants, and with home gardening, it is now taken to another level. Many people now enjoy living in green spaces or having indoor plants to boost their energy levels. It is not only therapeutic but is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Post lockdown and the pandemic, people have grown closer to plants, and indoor gardening has an increased fan base. 

Let us dive further into how this colour influences 2022-23. Pantone releases a colour palette every year based on recurring patterns, trends and cultural changes/experiences. It is then used by artists and designers all over the world be it art, fashion or interior design. Their work and product line is then based around the released shades. For Autumn/Winter 2022-23, Pantone’s chosen colour swatches include 5 varieties of green. Out of those, we absolutely love these three shades Pantone 18-6024 Amazon - a lush, fertile and broad leaf green; Pantone 18-0625 Martini Olive - a fruit-inspired green with a touch of brine, and the core classic includes Pantone 17-0210 Loden Frost - an earth infused green tone that calms and restores. These three colours can be incorporated so beautifully into home decor. 

The dark shades of green can add a touch of elegance if it is tastefully used with a combination of off-white or lighter greys. Picture a solid-coloured wall with a minimalistic and modern interior. To use green in a smaller space could be a challenge, but using accents in a monotone interior can bring life to the space. Imagine an all-off-white living room with shades of Martini Olive combined with light browns and soft metallic accents. A neutral shade of grey also works perfectly with a darker shade of green along with a lot of natural light. If it’s a larger space, then the Amazon green will work like magic with a combination of stripes or textures and woodwork for a perfect bohemian look. Even in kitchen cabinetry, matte greens like Loden Frost or Pantone 17-0529 Cardomom Seed (also included in the released shade card) teamed with white marble and brushed metal fittings make the space look luxurious. 

Muted shades are often seen as dull and boring, but with the right accessories and detailing, they can make your home look sophisticated, modern and chic. Styling with complementary colours is always fun, but you can change the mood of the space by carefully combining elements that work well together. 

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