Fall and winter colour trends for 2022

Fall and winter colour trends for 2022

The official first day of fall was on the 22nd of September, 2022. With it began the much-awaited “sweater weather” in the west and the celebratory “Pumpkin Spiced Everything”! With India being a tropical region, we don’t really get to enjoy the fall weather as much as we would want to and have to wait for the end of the year for our very brief blink, and you miss “winter”. But that hasn’t stopped us Indians from going gung-ho over all things yellow, orange, red, maroon, and brown. The colours of fall and autumn have a warm and soothing effect on our senses. It creates a cosy and comfortable disposition. The internet is bursting at the seams with the number of new recipes hero-ing the flavour of the season, celebrating the fall and autumn hues with food, make-up routines and fashion. 

The captivating colours in nature have always inspired us in our creativity and made us create things that allow us to celebrate the abundance. Autumn brings in a feeling of warmth and cosiness and an urge to incorporate it into our homes to reflect everything we see in nature. Imagine a beautiful living room with shades that are subdued yet aesthetic with accents and elements that stand out to give it your signature touch. The fall colour palette for 2022 is a mix of soft shades of warm primary colours synonymous with autumn. We have picked mustard, sunset, terracotta, rust, sage and olive for this year. You can mix and match with these complementing colours and even use shades within the spectrum of this group to create your own signature palette.

Just how a painter uses a blank canvas and fills it with colours, you can use fill your living space with elements that give the room depth, textures and layers. For example, add pillows of different shapes to your sofa to create a corner of comfort. Use a variety of fabrics for pillowcases keeping in mind the chosen colour palette to add in texture. You can even add in a decorative chunky knit throw blanket to complete the look. You can choose to elevate the look of your living space by adding minimal accents with structures that give the room an elegant feel. Like a partition screen, a room divider or decorative panels in warm colour or texture for the wall. Coffee tables can be adorned with centrepieces like large scented candles, faux stems or dried pine cones. You can add a vintage touch, create a farmhouse look or go contemporary. Working with shapes and textures adds character to your space. The options are endless; you can take this up as a project to make your space instagrammable.

Your home is your canvas; you can fill it with bright fall colours or choose muted and neutral shades with a splash of contrast to suit your style. It can even be a corner where you’d love to unwind or read a book. The idea is to create a cosy space and something you’d want to come back to.

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