Why Modular Kitchens Are Rising in Popularity

Why Modular Kitchens Are Rising in Popularity

With the rising innovation in modularity, traditional kitchens are slowly evolving to fit the needs of an ever-evolving modern-day kitchen. Today’s modular kitchen furniture is designed for modern spaces, is more open and spacious and the best solution to your compartmentalising woes. Not just that, modular kitchens are keeping up with the changing times and there’s plenty of room for customisation. Whatever your kitchen needs, be it drawers, cabinets, countertops, or micro-compartments for better organisation, or just an uber-chic kitchen layout, there are plenty of modular kitchen designs that you can choose from to fit your exact need.


Modular kitchens are pre-made furniture units that have varied options for customisation. They’re usually made using chipboards, MDF boards which are made up of smaller particles of wood and sawdust packed together or calibrated plywood. Calibrated wood has a higher advantage over regular plywood simply due to its high calibration in modern high-end machines which gives it a smooth and uniform thickness. Modular kitchens sometimes make use of solid wood finishes as well.


When modular kitchens were first launched, it transformed the home decor industry overnight. With the rising population, traditional small kitchen styles were slowly becoming obsolete, and since modular kitchens catered to that need, the road was paved for revolutionary innovation in kitchen design.


Kitchens have changed over the years to become multi-purpose and multi-functional and are no longer treated as just spaces for cooking and storing groceries. Today’s designs ooze in style, charm, elegance, turning kitchens into warm family-friendly spaces that add value to a home.


Homeowners are increasingly understanding the value of designing spacious, beautiful and uncluttered homes, and the role that modular furniture plays in interior decor. With the range of options available today, modular kitchens can stand moderate to heavy usage, withstand friction and load, are water resistant and heat resistant, and designed keeping in mind the aesthetics of a home. They can seamlessly fit into any theme of interior decor and have simplified the process of visualising kitchen design by allowing homeowners to budget and plan kitchen revamps before executing it.


Modular kitchen furniture is rising in popularity among homeowners, but it can sometimes be hard to bring that ‘perfect’ modular kitchen to reality. 


If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, modular kitchen designs are hands down your best bet. Here we explore why: 


Storage -

When it comes to kitchens, one must always keep accessibility in mind. You want your kitchen equipment, cutlery, crockery and daily-use items to be reachable, but stacked neatly. One of the best things about modular kitchen designs are the umpteen number of storage options that open up. Whether you’ve a small or big kitchen space, you get ample storage options along your kitchen countertops, and sufficient space to walk around freely.


From drawers to wire or steel baskets, racks, shelves and utensil cabinets, modular kitchens come with separators to help compartmentalise and organise your kitchen. After all, nobody enjoys cooking in a constricted narrow space with barely enough cook room.


Aesthetics -

The best part about modular kitchens is that it is guaranteed to work with the decor of your house, giving it a look that’s much more chic and stylish. Their sleek and trendy designs are elegant, leaving every kitchen with a very distinct look and personality.


These units are designed to maximise every inch of space available, leaving you with plenty of room for storage without an overcrowded kitchen. With such a wide range of options and aesthetics, modular cabinets add the perfect ultra modern finishing touch to just about any kitchen. They are also quite spacious and immaculate, giving your kitchen a look that’s always neat and tidy.


Right from choosing themes and colours to the range of finishes, designing a modular kitchen can be a very enjoyable process.


Convenience -

Modular kitchens are all about convenience. They’re designed to adjust to the family’s needs without families having to make adjustments around their kitchen. These sleek and convenient designs make modular kitchens a much-needed asset in today’s claustrophobic set-ups. They bring convenience and organisation to even the smallest of spaces with effective storage solutions, in-built chimneys for smoke exit, ample storage space for kitchen utensils, cutlery and containers, combined with the fact that they come in such exquisite styles. It saves you time, money and effort, and makes for comfort.  


Flexibility & Customisation -

From the theme, to the material, cost, colours and patterns, modular kitchen designs are wide ranging in terms of options for customisation too. Some popular designs include the L-shaped kitchen, straight kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, island kitchens among many more. Your room for customisation isn’t just limited to styles, but material, size, colours, themes, finishes and shapes as well.


Easy Repair, Assemblage & Dismantling -

Modular kitchens are made such that they are easily detachable and adjustable. The modular kitchen assemblage is a combination of units which can be detached at any point for repair or any time you feel like changing it up. The best part about this kitchen style, apart from its utility, is that it’s very unlike the traditional kitchen where the units are built and fixed inside your home with workmen hammering into the day. However, with modular units, they are pre-made and installed making it a completely fuss-free process. Installing modular units makes it a lot more efficient and easy for repair. You can assemble, detach or mix-up any part of your kitchen as and when you feel the need to do so. It It has been built to adapt to today’s fast-paced lifestyle, and there’s truly nothing like it.


With such a wide range of modular kitchen designs and expert decorators, we’ve packed convenience, utility, space, storage and sleek aesthetics into entire packages that will transform your kitchen space. If you’re considering switching from a traditional kitchen style to a more accessible and functional kitchen, a modular kitchen revamp is just what you need.

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