The Best of Kitchen Laminate Trends This 2021

The Best of Kitchen Laminate Trends This 2021

2020 was a defining year for us all, and its effects have trickled down to 2021 as well. Times have changed, and so have we. In a world where social distancing and hyper sterility seems like the new norm, more than just a few things have had to change, and there’s still more to come. If history has taught us something, it’s that we humans are great when it comes to adapting to our ever-changing situations. And one of the industries where this change has become apparent is the interior decor space. 


People have been interested in investing in their own residential spaces as staying indoors has increasingly become the new norm. In light of all the change, there are a few key aspects of interior design that have evolved to adapt to our post-covid world. Pricing models are shifting, and there’s a way paved for newer, bolder colour trends, more organised, simplistic layouts and overall spacious decor. Minimalist designs are back, and many of us are reorganising and doing away with the clutter. 


Just as homeowners are getting creative with home interior revamps, furnishing companies adapt to the changing times. We aren’t just getting into the design and look of laminates and surface finishes this year, but delving deeper into its properties to design kitchens that will last. Our surface finishes are designed to keep you in mind, from anti-bacterial and anti-fungal surfaces to easy to maintain and more organised compartmentalisation and open spaces to breathe and think. 


Taking cues from the several newer design trends in terms of bolder hues and minimalist styles, here are some of the best kitchen laminate trends this 2021. 



If there’s one thing that a monotone kitchen is known for, it achieves much with little. Lighter shades in a kitchen offer a clean, bright and airy feel instead of the cluttered multi-toned lineup. Monochrome designs are a great way to make your kitchen look and feel bigger than it is, leaving ample room for customisation. Monotone styles can be achieved through an all-wood laminate look, or single shades of glossy laminates, or even a matte finish to give it a sophisticated look.  


Two-tones or di-tones

Refurbishing your kitchen space using just two tones can have a brilliant impact on its aesthetics. It’s one of the most creative ways to say goodbye to the old uniform look by adding some colour and zest to your daily cooking space. Kitchens aren’t a solo hangout spot, and it’s often a space where family and flatmates gather to dish out conversation and having a bold layout will only add to its charm. Your floor and wall tiles can contrast your modular cabinets giving a textured background to it with dual tones. Contrasting colours are a great way to keep your kitchen layout fun and a place where you look forward to spending time. 


If fun and playful kitchens aren’t your styles, you can mix it up with pastel shades keeping white as your pivot. Mix it up with some greens and light pink to add a tinge of brightness and sophistication to your kitchen layout. Black and white is another excellent way to achieve the ultra-modern, sophisticated kitchen look. You can mix it up with black and white cabinets or even have checkered floors to elevate the look. 


Neutral earth tones 

Opting for natural hues that make you feel like you’re outdoors and with nature is a great way to feel grounded during this time. These colours not only make you feel alive but could turn your kitchen into a zen-like haven. To achieve the neutral earth tone, you can opt for engineered wood substrates with wood veneers that will give you the elegance of solid wood, and at the same time, make you feel like you’re in your natural home space. If you aren’t too big on wood finishes, several other materials and laminates come in neutral earth tones that suit your personal kitchen style and personality.


All that’s white

One of the best things about having an all-white kitchen is that it’s a great way to make your crockery, cutlery, and kitchen centrepieces stand out. Not just that, white makes your kitchen look a lot more spacious than it is, leaving you with ample room for visualisation and personalisation. White cabinets against white marbled floors exude elegance and an old-time charm and will always be one of those kitchen trends that never go out of style. If all that white is too much white, you can break away from the monotone and go a step above and mix up all whites with some off whites and cream shades. Having indoor plants against a white backdrop in a kitchen is another great way to feel grounded and connected to nature, especially when many of us spend a lot more time indoors than ever before. 


Achieving the look

If you're looking to give your kitchen a much-needed makeover this 2021, there are more than a few ways to make your safe space stand out from the other areas in your house. 


When it comes to choosing the design and aesthetics of your kitchen, laminates, melamines, and veneers are your best bet for surface finishes. Laminates have proven to be one of the most common surfaces finish choices, considering the various options for customisation. Today, you will find everything from decorative laminates to metallic finishes, matte, textured, glossy, digital prints, and under them, another set of colours and hues to mix and match it up to your style. 


Feel free to play around with different surface finishes based on your preference, and let the distinctness of each space speak for itself. Warm colours complement kitchen layouts well, just as cobalt or off white shades can bring to life your kitchen. Let your kitchen be a reflection of you through unexpected bold hues or veneers that mimic solid wood. While aesthetics can be bold, don’t forget to keep functionality, longevity and durability at the forefront of all your kitchen choices. After all, a kitchen that looks good must also feel good and outlive the daily wear and tear. 

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